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Salar de Uyuni volcanoes climbing trekking

Salar de Uyuni & Volcanoes

Climbing volcanoes around the Salar de Uyuni

Climbing one or more volcanoes in the remote south Lipez region is combined with a several day overland 4x4 tour.


During this tour you will cross the Salar de Uyuni - biggest salt flat worldwide (10'582km2) - and its cactii Islands. Your Land cruiser will stop at the colorful Lagoons and their flamingos. In midst of the Siloli desert, Vicuñas will surprise you where there is nothing to eat. Vizcachas (Chinchilas) will follow your breathtaking bouldering problems on eroded lava fields. The smoking Mud pots from "Sol de mañana" and "Polques" thermal waters are nourished by the nearby volcanic activity. Nowhere else in the Andes you'll find such a concentration of hihlights !


We take advantage of this region to acclimate people to altitude before climbing higher. Climbing a Volcano is the ideal way to add a personal touch to this classic tour and alternate with the time spent in the 4x4 vehicle.


Among the volcanoes we suggest are Tunupa volcano due to its very special view overlooking the Salar, Licancabur with its perfect conical shape and the laguna verde at its foot, Uturuncu super volcano which reaches 6010m and Pabellon on the shores of laguna colorada in midst of the Avaroa national park. 


Licancabur is a 5924m high volcano

On top of Licancabur volcano, 5924m altitude,  with laguna verde and laguna blanca in the background

geyser field sol de mañana in bolivia

The geyser field "Sol de mañana" is the highest worldwide at 4950m altitude. A bizarre place which impresses all of its visitors.

tour operator organizing camping on the salar

Setting up camp where there are no other visitors for miles is a particular experience. You will feel close to nature for sure!

photography during a tour on the salar

Whereas confortable hotels are an option, camping in the wild has the advantage of getting you special shots as you are in a special place during a special time of day.

climbing volcan pabellon offers a rewarding sight

A trip in the region is mostly about extraordinary landscapes, like the Laguna Colorada which has been nominated as one of the 7 natural wonders

Flamingos, vicuñas and vizcachas are seen during the tour

And its particular Fauna and Flora which are highly endemic as they adapted to a very harsh environment.

For additional tours in the salar de Uyuni region, including treks crossing the Salt flat, birdwatching, photography and day tours, please visit our website specially dedicated to this region:

Toyota land cruiser are the perfect vehicle to visit the Salar

The climbs are combined with a 4x4 Overland tour crossing the Uyuni salt flat and many other highlights on the way !

Cactus island on the Salar de Uyuni

Hiking on the Cactus Islands in midst of the Salar de Uyuni is a pleasant and beautiful way to get used to altitude !

climbing near the laguna colorada

Pabellon volcano is located on the shores of laguna Colorada. Eventhough it is a rather easy climb, the volcano is very seldomly visited

taking a bath on a tour in the salar region

It is not only about climbing. Give your body a rest in the warm thermal waters of "Polques" on the shores of laguna "Chalviri"

Salar de Uyuni tours all year round

Andes Bolivia 6000 Summit climbing Huayna Potosi Illimani Condoriri nIllampu Ancohuma Uturunxu

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