Tunupa volcano ascent to 5446m altitude - the colourful

Tunupa is considered to be the god of the lightnings and the volcanoes. When he got cast away from the other mountain deities his tears turned into the biggest salt flat worldwide. A belief which originated with the Tiwanaku culture (~1000 bC) and still holds today for the indigenous people from the Altiplano. 


The trail up to the outlook point starts with the visit of the mummies of the lords of Lipez. Thanks to the volcanic ashes, the slopes of the volcano are fertile soil. Once you gained enough altitude to leave the last fields surrounded by stonewalls you access to the first outlook point  offering an overview on the whole region. An astonishingly diverse flora and fauna (humming birds, Vizcachas, camelids...) await on the trail before you reach the last section in a scree slope. From the outlook point at 5152m the view reaches as far as the Sajama volcano, the Payachatas and Acotango behind the Coipasa salt flat. Yet the biggest attraction is the overview of the whole "salar de Uyuni" and its cacti islands. This volcano is the perfect choice to enhance your unique experience with the Uyuni salt flat while you get used to altitude for higher summits to come.


The hike is done within a day. From the vehicle to the first outlook point it takes 2 hours and 400m +d, to the second outlook point count additional 3-4 hours and 750m +d. 


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