Boulder, Boulder & more Boulder

Along the classical 3 day Tour you'll stumble over a dozen amazing places for bouldering. These places are ancient lava fields which directly flowed out of a crack of the upper crust of the latin american tectonic plate. 40 million years erosion through sandblasting where enough to create beautiful geological sculptures and a dream playground for rockclimbers.


Why not take your time, add a day or two to climb the skin off your finger tipps ? To name a few incredible spots : Arbol de Piedra - Villa Alota - Piedras de Dali - Ciudad Italia - Valle de la cascada - mirador Ollague - Valle de las rocas - paso del Inca, etc...


We provide the crash pads !


All you need is  your climbing shoes and some chalk.


Andes Bolivia 6000 Summit climbing Huayna Potosi Illimani Condoriri nIllampu Ancohuma Uturunxu