Aconcagua - the roof top of the americas

Aconcagua is the highest summit in the Andes, the americas and the southern hemisfere. Culminating at 6962m it stays under the 7k limit, but presents conditions that are similar to bigger mountains. 

Due to its remoteness, it is climbed in an expedition style. For the normal route one hikes for two days to reach the second base camp, from where there are three additional high camps. Needless to say that one needs previous acclimatation or a much longer stay in the park before heading to the high camps.

For the first two base camps, confluencia at 3300m and plaza de mulas at 4365m, Mules can load up to 60kg per animal. For those who then want to avoid making the way into the high camps several times, there is the help of porters carrying up to 20kg.

All base camp in the park can offer quite some confort with big domes which are set up for the season. One can take showers, get the last weather forecast thanks to wi-fi or enjoy a good meal.

the climbing season for Aconcagua is from the 15th of november to the 20th of Ferbuary, the high season being from 15th of dicembre to 30st of January. 

You can find park entrance prices here

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