Ojos del Salado - and the "ruta de los seis milles"

Ojos del Salado is the highest volcano on earth and the second highest peak in the Andes reaching 6900m altitude. It is located at the boarder between Argentina and Chile, in a very dry region part of the atacama desert. It is however not the only peak getting above the symbolic 6000m limit in the region. There are so many other volcanoes reaching this altitude that both Chile and Argentina named the international pass "the 6000 road". Among its neighbours belong cerro san fransisco 6030m, nevado tres cruces 6710m, el muerto 6510, nevado solo 6200m, Barrancas Blancas 6110m, Vicuñas 6067m. Take profit to be in the region to climb several of the lower volcanoes to get acclimatized for Ojos del Salado !

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