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News from Andean Ascents

Here we leave a brief activity report and other stuff related to our company

Bolivian Mountain rescue S.A.B trained for Helicopter rescue

Helicopter rescue.jpg

Some of the First Ascents published in 2018 in the AAJ 


Some of the First Ascents published in 2017 in the AAJ 


Some of the First Ascents published in 2016 in the AAJ 

Juan, Seb and Roberto on the NW ridge of Huayna Potosi

Juve about to cross the Bergschrund

Pacific in the last pitch of our variant on the ala izquierda

climbing out of the rocky ridge at sunrise

Gregg free soloing in the gully leading to the summit of pico triangular
We are proud to share a few of our first ascents of 2015 that have been published in the american alpine journal 

A little video showing how it is to descend Huayna Potosi on skies (the 4th time for us in the year 2015), The unstable weather from this "el niño" year offered excellent conditions late in the climbing season.

Check out our new Video, showing the highlights of July and August 2015

We climbed Ojos del Salado , 2 other 6000 summits and several lower volcanoes in february 2015


Foto album of Ojos del Salado

Andean flamingo in northern Chile
Andean flamingo in northern Chile

A long Trek on both sides of the Cordillera real, Desertic landscapes, skiing Huayna Potosi and jungle - March 2015


See more pictures here

From lake Titicaca, trekking along the Cordillera Real, summitting Huayna Potosi and finishing in the Jungle - April 2015 


Foto Album - Andes to Amazon

Andean flamingo in northern Chile
Andean flamingo in northern Chile

Ski touring in Bolivia, 6 summits within 2 weeks !


May 2015


Foto Album - Ski in Bolivia

Finishing a steep route in the south face of Pomerape
Trekking on a cactus Island in midst of the Salar de Uyuni saltflat
We are proud to present our new webpage dedicated to the Salar de Uyuni
Whereas this region is a must see, tours on the salar de uyuni and the South Lipez region are great for acclimatizing to high altitude and offer opportunities to climb beautiful volcanoes.
Andean flamingo in northern Chile

October 2014 we were in Northern Chile climbing active volcanoes, enjoying thermal waters and wildlife on a beautiful roadtrip. Have a look a our best pictures here


Northern Chile Album

Andean flamingo in northern Chile

November 2014 we were in Putre - Chile and Sajama National Park - Bolivia. Find some pictures here


Putre Chile & Sajama Album

Ancohuma senn from the Titicaca lake in Bolivia.
Mid March we were on Acotango and Pomerape Volcanoes in the Sajama National Park in Bolivia
See pictures of Pomerape and Acotango ascent !


Check out our sister project ! is the webpage presenting a very special circuit. It starts in the high altiplano and finishes in the amazonas rainforest combining mountaineering, trekking, rafting, mountain biking and some boat rides.


Aconcagua normal route
January 2014 - Andean ascents leaves 3 weeks for Aconcagua



We already new cerro penitentes, cerro rincon, cerro vallecitos, cerro plata and mercedario but the highest amongst all was left aside. In January we will be back in Mendoza, Argentina with a team of 5 Swiss and one Bolivian climbers.


Andes Bolivia 6000 Summit climbing Huayna Potosi Illimani Condoriri nIllampu Ancohuma Uturunxu

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