Ancohuma 6427m & Illampu 6368m altitude - the Northern Sentinels of the Cordillera real

Whether you climb Ancohuma or Illampu, both peaks offer the integral high mountaineering experience from the Andes. You will start your trip in Sorata at 2660m with its enjoyable valley micro climate and fruits. From there it will take you 2 days hiking up to laguna Glaciar, which is the base camp located at  5000m altitude, from where many different summits are reachable. As the approach is pretty long we offer the possibility to extend your stay and climb several peaks from this same Beautiful base camp. Please note that where Ancohuma is a technically speaking rather easy summit to climb, Illampu is on the other hand a technical climb for experienced mountaineers.




Illampu normal route:

D, slopes 45°/60°/70°

Ancohuma normal route:

AD, slopes 45°/50°


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