Putre - Half way between the highlands and the Sea

Putre is a village to be found in the northern (first) region of Chile. located at 3500m altitude it is best accessed from the coastal city of Arica or from the bolivian Tambo Quemado/Chungara boarder. With its warm climate it is ideal to start the acclimatation process. Low enough to spend good nights of sleep and high enough to offer easy acess to 5000m peaks. 


As a starting point, the comonly visited places are : Lago Chungara, Thermal bath of Jurasi, Khota Khotani lagoons, Salar de Surire.


Among the mountains / volcanoes which are climbed from Putre belong: cerro guane Guane 5050m, Surunche 3890m, cerro rojo 4760m, Guallatiri volcano 6070m, Tarapaca volcano 5920m.



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