Cabezza del Condor  5680m altitude - dominating the Condoriri region

Condoriri is probably among the most beautiful climbs you can make in the Cordillera real. The route leading to the head of Condoriri is diverse, combining a glacier walk, climbing a technical corridor and following an exposed ridge. The Scree slope on the approach is better enjoyed on the way down. During this climb the views will also be constantly changing.


We definitely recommend to stay for more than one summit as the Base camp is comfortable and located on the shores of beautiful Chiarkhota lagoon. The Massif of Condoriri offers however infinite possibilities for all climbing levels :


To name a few other accessible peaks from this Base Camp: Pyramide Blanca, Pequeño Alpamayo, Pico Tarija, Pico Ilusion, Huallomen (Wyoming), Pico Austria, Cerro Mirador. The right and left "wings" of Condoriri are part of the rather technical climbs.


As the summits of this massif do not reach 6000m altitude you will feel stronger and might attempt more technical climbs. 




Described Condoriri head normal route:

AD+, couloir at 60°

Condoriri left wing:

D+, face at 65°

Condoriri right wing normal route:

PD+, last slope at 45°


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