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About us

The guy behind all this:


Andean Ascents is managed by Alexander von Ungern. This swiss/german guy was born in 85 in Berne. Already at a young age his parents took him outdoors, for a walk in the neighbouring mountains or for intercontinental long term journeys. This might be a hint to why he got a master degree in Evolutionary and Ecological Biology (DEE-UNIL) in 2009.  But his passion for nature is also expressed by his practice of nearly every outdoor activity. Alex made his first climbs in the Andes in 2007 during a year long bycicle trip through Latin America ( He now lives in La Paz - Bolivia since 2010 and is spending most of his time in the Mountains, when not lost somewhere in the Amazon bassin (see my other project He therefore acquired plenty of experience and does not need recommendations to complete his staff. He saw on his own how each of his colleagues works out there. As Alex masters 4 languages (Fr,De,En & Es) he has a special position to coordinate expeditions between the locals and the visitors.


Our Philosophy is pretty simple. Do a good job or don't even start with it!





We collaborate with UIAGM/IFMGA mountain guides for their proficiency, but also because it supports the implantation of a good turistic infrastructure in a country which still works on it. We feel that not only our mountain guides, but also our drivers, cooks and muleteers deserve a fair salary. By the way earning a good salary abroad and spending it in a country which economy still develops is an excellent way to make a personal contribution to the existing inequities.




Eventhough you won't find eco responsable logos on this site it is of course part of our job to keep the mountains clean. We are adept of the alpine style and think moving light has its advantage. We also think that the pression on the local environment is lower when it is equally distributed on the many summits of the Andes. We therefore try to avoid the routes which are most climbed. We will provide you with fair-trade and organic food, because it is good for you, but also for the country long term benefits in which we operate. And yes taking an intercontinental flight is not that eco-responsable... If you feel concerned about it buy a few trees from your airline !




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Wiracocha andean ascents climbing bolivia

Our Logotype:


depicts Wiracocha, the sun god as represented by the ancient Tiwanaku culture. For us he represents the uncommon and extremely stable weather in the bolivian Andes from end of May to September, where snow conditions are frozen hard and the sun will climb into the sky as you approach to the summit !

Andes Bolivia 6000 Summit climbing Huayna Potosi Illimani Condoriri nIllampu Ancohuma Uturunxu

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